CIL Submission Documents


Examination Documents

  Inspector's Preliminary Questions (pdf)
  Council Response to Inspector's Preliminary Questions (pdf)
  Inspector's Note (pdf)
  Hearing Agenda (pdf)


Responses to consultation on Statement of Modifications

PMR1 Environment Agency (pdf)
PMR2 Peter Loader (pdf)


Submission Documents

CIL1 Draft Charging Schedule 2014 (pdf)
CIL2 Modified Draft Charging Schedule (pdf)
CIL3 Viability Assessment Stage 1 (pdf) 
CIL4 Viability Assessment Stage 2 (pdf) 
CIL5 Viability Assessment Stage 2 Update (pdf) 
CIL6 Funding Gap Assessment (pdf)
CIL7 Statement of Modifications (pdf)
CIL8 Draft Regulation 123 List (pdf)
CIL9 Modified Draft Regulation 123 List (pdf) 
CIL10 Draft Instalments Policy (pdf) 
CIL11 Statement of Compliance with Regulations (pdf)
CIL12 Three Rivers Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2012 (pdf)
CIL13 Statement of Representations Regulation 19 (pdf)
CIL14 Statement of Representation Procedure Regulation 17 (pdf)
CIL15 Core Strategy Adopted 2011 (pdf) 
CIL16 Site Allocations LDD for Adoption November 2014 (pdf) 
CIL17 Development Management Policies LDD Adopted 2013 (pdf)
CIL18     Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule (pdf) 


Representations Received on Draft Charging Schedule

DCS1 John Beyer and Associates (pdf)
DCS2 Mr Rankin (pdf)
DCS3 Sport England (pdf)
DCS4 Highways Agency (pdf)
DCS5 South Bucks District Council (pdf)
DCS6 BAA Safeguarding Heathrow (pdf)
DCS7 English Heritage (pdf)
DCS8 Thrive Homes (pdf)
DCS9 Chiltern District Council (pdf)
DCS10 Environment Agency (pdf)
DCS11 Planning Bureau on behalf of McCarthy and Stone (pdf)
DCS12 Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners on behalf of Ralph Trustees Ltd (pdf)
DCS13 DCS13 Planning Potential on behalf of St James Group (pdf)
DCS14 Peter Loader on behalf of SPOKES and CTC Rickmansworth (pdf)
DCS15 Hertfordshire County Council (pdf)
DCS16 Hertfordshire CC Highways (pdf)
DCS17 Watford Borough Council (pdf)