Children and Young People's Wellbeing

Children and young people’s wellbeing is one of the priorities of Three Rivers Local Strategic Partnership’s Community Strategy 2012-18.

Work in this area includes:

  • The joint delivery of the Intensive Family Support Team service in Three Rivers. More information on the service can be found here
  • The development and implementation of Families First in Three Rivers, which seeks to identify the needs of vulnerable children, young people and families at the earliest opportunity. Families First aims to assess those needs and meet them by families and agencies working effectively together.  
  • The local delivery of the work of Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children's Board.

Families First Assessment / Early Help Module
You can find out more information about the countywide response to supporting families, including information on Families First Co-ordinators, Families First Assessments, and the Early Help Module for those assessments at:
Families First Assessment

The Families First Portal is a tool to provide information about services that provide early help for children, young people and families.  

Local Multi Agency Safeguarding Forum

The Watford and Three Rivers Local Multi Agency Safeguarding Forum helps local practitioners problem solve, implement audit, partnership and serious case review recommendations, share organisational changes, and promotes local professional networks. More information is available here

Children's Centre Data Sets
You can view a range of themes and associated indicators by children’s centre area by clicking the link below and selecting ‘Children’s Centres on the Theme tab:
Children's Centres Data Sets