Chief Executive's Department

Four departments report directly to the Chief Executive.

Community Partnerships

The Community Partnerships department supports the Local Strategic Partnership, Community Safety Partnership, and the Adults With Complex Needs Group.

The Unit also provides corporate Performance support and leads on Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding Children and Adults at RiskConsultation, Anti-Social Behaviour, and Leisure and Community Grants.

The department is managed by Rebecca Young, Head of Community Partnerships. Telephone: 01923 776611  E-Mail:

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services department provides a diverse range of centralised services including Communications and Emergency Planning. The service has responsibility for the delivery of both mandatory and discretionary services that ensures compliance with government policy and legislation as well as supporting the organisation on governance issues such as Risk Management, Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

The department is managed by Phil King, Data Protection Officer and Resilience Manager.
Telephone: 01923 776611  E-Mail:

Electoral Services

The Electoral Services department organises Elections and compiles the Electoral Register.

The department is managed by Julie Prestige, Interim Electoral Services Manager
Telephone: 01923 776611  E-Mail:

Legal and Committee Services

The Legal Practice provides legal advice and support to the whole Council which includes officers and Members.  It does not provide legal advice to the general public but supports front line services in achieving the Councils aims and objectives.

The department also provides Committee Administration support to the Council.

The Solicitor to the Council is the Monitoring Officer for the Authority. The functions of the Monitoring Officer are:

  • Maintaining the Constitution. The Monitoring Officer will maintain an up-to-date version of the Constitution and will ensure that it is widely available for consultation by members, staff and the public.
  • Ensuring lawfulness and procedural fairness of decision making. After consulting with the Head of Paid Service and Chief Finance Officer, the monitoring officer will report to the full Council if he or she considers that any proposal, decision or omission would give rise to unlawfulness or if any decision or omission has given rise to maladministration. Such a report will have the effect of stopping the proposal or decision being implemented until the report has been considered.
  • Overseeing the Standards Regime. The monitoring officer will contribute to the promotion and maintenance of high standards of conduct overseeing and supporting the Standards Regime.
  • Conducting investigations. The monitoring officer will conduct investigations into relevant complaints and make reports or recommendations in respect of them to the Panel and/or the Council.
  • Proper officer for access to information.
  • Providing advice. The Monitoring Officer will provide advice on the scope of powers and authority to take decisions, maladministration, financial impropriety, probity and budget and policy framework issues to all Councillors.
  • Restrictions on posts. The Monitoring Officer cannot be the Chief Finance Officer or the Head of Paid Service.

The department is managed by Ciara Feeney, Interim Solicitor to the Council
Telephone: 01923 776611.  E-Mail: