CD5 Appeal Correspondence and Documents

CD5.1 Appellant Statement of Case

cd5-1-appellant-statement-of-case.pdf (pdf)

CD5.2 211026 - Agent Lawyer Notification of Inquiry

cd5-2-211026-agent-lawyer-notification-of-inquiry.pdf (pdf)

CD5.3 211026 - Agent to TRDC Notification of Inquiry

cd5-3-211026-agent-to-trdc-notification-of-inquiry.pdf (pdf)

CD5.4 220120 - PINs Appellant Start Letter

cd5-4-220120-pins-apellant-start-letter.pdf (pdf)

CD5.5 220127 - LPA Questionnaire - 747165

cd5-5-220127-lpa-questionnaire-747165.pdf (pdf)

CD5.6 220207 - Maple Cross Environment Group Rule 6 Application

cd5-6-220207-maple-cross-environment-group-rule-6-application.pdf (pdf)

CD5.7 220207 - Granting Rule 6 Status to Maple Cross Environment Group

cd5-7-220207-granting-rule-6-status-to-maple-cross-environment-group.pdf (pdf)

CD5.8 220218 - EIA Screening Direction

cd5-8-220218-eia-screening-direction.pdf (pdf)

CD5.9 220225 - LPA Statement of Case

cd5-9-220225-lpa-statement-of-case.pdf (pdf)

CD5.10 220225 - LPA Statement of Case - Appendices

Part 1 (Appendices pages 1-630)

1_pdfsam_cd5-10-220225-lpa-statement-of-case-appendices.pdf (pdf)

Part 2 (Appendices pages 631-813)

633_pdfsam_cd5-10-220225-lpa-statement-of-case-appendices.pdf (pdf)

CD5.11 220301 - Maple Cross - SOCG Final

cd5-11-220301-maple-cross-socg-final.pdf (pdf)

CD5.12 Statement of Case Rule 6 party

cd5-12-statement-of-case-rule-6-party.pdf (pdf)

CD5.13 220308 - Maple Lodge Review Technical Note_R00

cd5-13-220308-maple-lodge-review-technical-note_r00.pdf (pdf)

CD5.14 LPA Addendum SOC and Appendices

cd5-14-lpa-addendum-soc-and-appendices.pdf (pdf)

CD5.15 220304 - Rule 6 Party Email to PINS

cd5-15-220304-rule-6-party-email-to-pins.pdf (pdf)

CD5.16 Appellant Appeal Form

cd5-16-appellant-appeal-form.pdf (pdf)

CD5.17 220126 - Third Party Rep Coster A

cd5-17-220126-third-party-rep-coster-a.pdf (pdf)

CD5.18 220129 - Third Party Rep Devine M

cd5-18-220129-third-party-rep-devine-m.pdf (pdf)

CD5.19 220223 - Third Party Rep Affinity Water

cd5-19-220223-third-party-rep-affinity-water.pdf (pdf)

CD5.20 220126 - Third Party Rep McCabe N

cd5-20-220126-third-party-rep-mccabe-n.pdf (pdf)

CD5.21 220217 - Third Party Rep Chiltern Society

cd5-21-220217-third-party-rep-chiltern-society.pdf (pdf)

CD5.22 CMC Post Conference Note

cd5-22-cmc-post-conference-note.pdf (pdf)

CD5.23 220329 - Final Suggested Conditions

cd5-23-220329-final-suggested-conditions.pdf (pdf)

CD5.24 220329 - Revised SOCG with Council

cd5-24-220329-revised-socg-with-council.pdf (pdf)

CD5.25 - CIL Compliance Statement

cd5-25-cil-compliance-statement.pdf (pdf)

CD5.26 - Agreed Draft s106 Agreement - Maple Cross

cd5-26-agreed-draft-s106-agreement-maple-cross.pdf (pdf)

CD5.27 AY Email to LPA re Position on Draft Conditions 20 and 37 05.04.2011

cd5-27-ay-email-to-lpa-re-position-on-draft-conditions-20-and-37-05-04-2022.pdf (pdf)

CD5.28 Cass Allen Email to RSK Acoustics on 07.04.2022

cd5-28-cass-allen-email-to-rsk-acoustics-07-04-2022.pdf (pdf)

CD5.29 MCREG Email 08.04.2022

cd5-29-mcreg-email-08-04-2022.pdf (pdf)

CD5.30 LPA Email Position on Draft Conditions 20 and 37 12.04.2022

cd5-30-lpa-email-position-on-draft-conditions-20-and-37-12-04-2022.pdf (pdf)

CD5.31 AY email to MCREG 13.04.2022

cd5-31-ay-email-to-mcreg-13-04-2022.pdf (pdf)

CD5.32 MCREG Email 13.04.2022

cd5-32-mcreg-email-13-04-2022.pdf (pdf)

CD5.33 Agreed Rule 6 SOCG 25.04.22

cd5-33-agreed-rule-6-socg-25-04-22.pdf (pdf)