The Three Rivers Community Safety Partnership’s  has 6 closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the district . The cameras are located at:

  • Swannels Walk, Mill End
  • Link Road, Maple Cross
  • High Street, Rickmansworth
  • High Street, Rickmansworth
  • Station Approach, South Oxhey
  • Altham Way, South Oxhey

Our closed circuit television (CCTV) is run by Hertfordshire CCTV Partnership. 

Some cameras may store images for up to 25 days and capturing an incident is dependent on camera angle and rotation.

Request a CCTV viewing

If you would like to request a viewing of CCTV in relation to an incident or accident that you have been involved in, please visit the Hertfordshire CCTV partnership’s website

Before requesting a viewing of CCTV, please read the CCTV procedure for the release of evidence. 

If your incident was reported to the police please contact the relevant police force, as the CCTV Partnership will not issue footage relating to a crime to anyone but the police.

Domestic CCTV

If you are considering installing or have already installed CCTV on your property, you can find further information from the Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC).

Further advice can be found through the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

If you have concerns about the use of CCTV, you can report your concern to the ICO.