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Add an explanation of the Review of Byelaws

Over a number of years, like many other local authorities, Three Rivers DC have created Byelaws to serve particular purposes and to tackle local issues.  Recently, the Government have introduced regulations which allow local councils to review those byelaws using ‘model’ byelaws as a template.  TRDC will use these regulations, over the coming months, to modernise some of our Byelaws.

The Byelaws (Alternative Procedure) (England) Regulations 2016 (“the Regulations”) introduce new arrangements for byelaws.  The regulations simplify the procedures for making and amending byelaws.  The Department for Communities and Local Government provide a number of ‘Model’ Byelaws, with guidance for the completion of such byelaw, via the website


Add an explanation of the Parks and Open Spaces Byelaws and how the Consultation will work.


The first Byelaw we will look to modernise is the Open Spaces Byelaws.  The Council adopted its current Open Spaces Byelaws in February 1981. The review has been prompted by the need to ensure that all relevant council land is covered by byelaws, that the byelaws are up to date and modernised. The review has been led to date by an officer group formed from Departments across the Council who are responsible for parks and open spaces.



List of Open spaces included in the Byelaws Consultation

List of Open Spaces to be included in the Byelaws Consultation (pdf)


Links to all PDFs of all Maps - EXAMPLES

A: Abbots Langley


B: Chorleywood

Home Wood, Chorleywood - B19-CW (pdf)


C: Croxley Green


E: Maple Cross


F: Northwood


G: Oxhey Hall


H: Rickmansworth

Batchworth Heath - H46-RW (pdf)

Rickmansworth Golf Club - H57-RW (pdf)

I: South Oxhey


J: Carpenders Park