Application Forms and Fees

The correct application form must be submitted relating to the type of work you wish to carry out, and plans must be clear and precise - in line with Three Rivers District Council's Validation Checklist.

Planning Application Fees (August 2019)
Planning Application Forms
Required Plans (pdf)
Buying a Plan
Design and Access Guidance (pdf)
Pre-Application Forms

Please note that the following forms must be submitted for each planning application:

Local Biodiversity Checklist (docx)
CIL Form 1
CIL Form Guidance

Other CIL Forms:

CIL form to be submitted for all Permitted Development:

Form 5 - Notice of Chargeable Development

CIL forms for exemptions / relief for domestic extensions and annexes:

Form 8: Self Build Annex or Extension Claim Form

CIL forms for exemptions / relief for new dwellings:

Form 7: Self Build Exemption Claim Form Part 1
Form 7: Self Build Exemption Claim Form Part 2

Relief for affordable housing or charitable purposes:

Form 2: Claiming Exemption and Relief

CIL forms to be submitted following the grant of planning permission:

Form 1 – Assumption of liability
Form 3 - Withdrawal of Assumption of Liability
Form 4 - Transfer of Liability
Form 6 - Commencement Notice