Animal Control

The Animal Control Officer is responsible for enforcing legislation relating to the control of animals such as:

  • The collection and control of stray dogs, including dangerous dogs and dogs out of control in a public place.
  • Investigate complaints regarding dog fouling and the accumulation of other animal deposits in public areas, such as parks and on the street.
  • Licensing of animal boarding, breeding and riding establishments, pet shops, zoos and dangerous animals.
  • Investigate all animal related issues.

The Council has adopted legislation to control dog-fouling throughout the district. It is an offence to fail to immediately clear up any mess deposited from your dog anywhere in the district. If caught you can be prosecuted and the maximum penalty is £1,000. From April 2004 the Council has operated a fixed penalty ticket service where offenders will be given the opportunity to avoid court action by paying a £50 fixed penalty charge.

Complete the online dog fouling application form to report any mess deposited.

Hertfordshire Trading Standards enforces a variety of Animal Health legislation and is responsible for maintaining the County's rabies contingency plan. This involves declaring an infected place, policing infected areas by setting up compounds for strays and strictly monitoring all animal movements. It may become necessary to destroy animals, especially foxes, which are the most frequent carriers of the disease.

View our current Animal Control Fees

There are a number of factsheets available for downloading which give additional advice and guidance about pets and keeping a dog.

Factsheet - Dogs Barking (pdf)

Factsheet - Castration (pdf)

Factsheet - Dog Chewing (pdf)

Factsheet - Choosing a Dog (pdf)

Factsheet - Holidays and Pets (pdf)

Factsheet - House Training a Dog (pdf)

Factsheet - Neutering (pdf)

Factsheet - Dog Jumping (pdf)

Factsheet - Toxocara Canis (pdf)

Our Animal Control Enforcement Policy can be downloaded below.

Enforcement Policy - Animal Control (pdf)


Animal Control