People have alarms to aid security in homes, offices, factories and vehicles. These can be very valuable as long as they work correctly. If they are not properly maintained or serviced regularly, they 'trip' and don't reset themselves. They then become a major nuisance to neighbours and others.

Alarms should ideally have a reset device so they do not continue to make a noise after 20 minutes.  Please make sure your alarm is working correctly.

Intruder alarms

If you install or already have an alarm, you are strongly advised to register the address and telephone numbers of all keyholders with:

  •  the Police
  •  the Environmental Health Section of the Council

These keyholders should include friends or family who can respond quickly to the alarm if you can't.

If you do not register, it could result in Council officers applying to a Magistrate for a warrant to forcibly enter the premises and disable the alarm. If this should happen, the owner has to cover the costs incurred by the agencies involved to deal with the nuisance.

If the owners and keyholders are registered, they can be contacted to either disable the nuisance or if necessary to contact the appropriate emergency service. This makes your alarm much more effective and it doesn't cause a nuisance to your neighbours.

If you would like a free registration form contact the Council's Environmental Health Section on 01923 776611 or e-mail so that contact can be made in case of faulty equipment. If any detail on the form changes, ie keyholder's name or telephone number or change of address, please make sure that you tell the Environmental Health Section and the Police.

Car Alarms

Environmental Health enforcement officers can arrange to have a vehicle alarm disabled if it goes off:

  •  on the public highway
  •  on areas with public access
  •  on private property

If they are unable to make the vehicle safe after the alarms has been disabled or they are unable to disarm the alarm, the vehicle will be towed away to a secure storage area.

The vehicle will only be released to the owner on production of the vehicles documentation, proof of identity of the owner and payment of the Council's and any contractor's costs.  This can be a lengthy and time consuming experience especially at weekends, as vehicles will not be released until Monday morning.