Advice for residents

We know that businesses that provide licensable activities have the potential to cause a number of problems for local residents and other nearby businesses, if they do not act responsibly and in accordance with their licences.
Complaining about a premises
We will investigate complaints about licensed premises that are alleged to be operating in breach of the terms and conditions of their licences, and about unlicensed premises where licensable activities are believed to be carried on. Where breaches of licences or of the licensing laws are identified, we will seek to take appropriate enforcement action against those responsible, which may include the possibility of prosecuting them for an offence.
If you are being affected by the operation of licensed premises, or wish to report unlicensed activities or breaches of the terms and conditions of a licence, please contact us with details, and we will investigate your complaint.
Where appropriate, we will take action to try to remedy the issue, ranging from giving informal advice to prosecuting for a criminal offence.
Complaints can be made:
  • by email, to
  • by letter to Licensing Department, Three Rivers District Council, Three Rivers House, Northway, Rickmansworth Herts WD3 1RL
There are some matters which we would advise you to report to other bodies and departments in the first instance:
  • Issues relating to crime or serious disorder should be reported to Hertfordshire Constabulary.
  • Ongoing anti-social behaviour can be investigated by our Anti-social behaviour team.
  • Issues relating to planning consent should be reported to Planning. Licensing and Planning operate as separate regulatory regimes, and businesses carrying on licensable activities will require both a licence and appropriate planning consent before they are legally entitled to operate.
  • While the Licensing Act 2003 does include public safety and public nuisance within its remit, it is not the primary legislation in respect of these issues. In the first instance, issues should be reported to either Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, or our Environmental Health team, as appropriate.
  • Any issues relating to fire safety are now controlled under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which is enforced by the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service.
Making representations
When applications are made for new licences, or to vary or review existing licences, you can get involved in the application process by making representations about the application, regardless of whether you support or oppose the proposal. All relevant representations are taken into consideration before a decision is made on whether or not to grant an application.
You can see details of the applications we are currently consulting on by viewing our Public Register for Current Applications

Please read the following guidance

If you wish to make a representation then please complete this form and return it to our department before the deadline date on the application