Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Research

  • ACEs research in Herts, Luton and Northampton is a research paper to identify the level of ACEs and the impact of ACEs in the adult population. This research took place in Hertfordshire, Luton and Northamptonshire and breaks results down by district/borough.
  • Scotland’s approach to ACEs provides an example of the work being done in other areas and how Scotland are moving forwards in four key areas:
    1. Providing inter-generational support for parents, families and children to prevent ACEs
    2. Reducing the negative impact of ACEs for children and young people
    3. Developing adversity and trauma-informed workforce and services
    4. Increasing societal awareness and supporting action across communities 
  • Dr Warren Larkin,carries out research into different views of childhood vulnerability from the perspective of ACEs. The presentation is used to inform system leads and authorities.
  • Wales approach provides an example of work being done in other area. It demonstrates how Wales has committed to addressing ACEs and their impact by; making all public services able to respond effectively to prevent and mitigate the harms from ACEs and by building protective factors and resilience in the population to cope with ACEs that cannot be prevented.
  • For Baby’s Sake is an innovative intervention that works with parents from pregnancy to two years postpartum to break the cycle of domestic abuse in order reduce the impact of ACEs and to improve outcomes for children.
  • The Wave Trust's Trauma-informed Communities (TiC) project will empower communities across the United Kingdom to build communities, strengthen local services and spread awareness about the science of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), resilience and how both affect all of our minds, bodies and life outcomes.
  • 1001 Critical Days highlights the importance of intervening early in the 1001 critical days between conception to age two to enhance the outcomes for children. 

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