Accident and defect reporting

It is a condition of your licence that ANY collision in your vehicle, however small, MUST be reported to the Council’s Licensing Department at the time or at least within 72 hours to thereby comply with the condition of your Licence.

Please note that this covers damage caused by you and by others. It does not refer only to motor vehicle accidents on the road.

If you have any damage to your vehicle you MUST complete the Collison and defect Report Form and send it to or by post or in person to Three Rivers District Council.

Upon receipt of the enclosed form a Compliance Officer will be in touch as an inspection of your vehicle is required to determine its fitness and suitability to remain on the road as a public service vehicle.

Once the vehicle has been inspected and its suitability determined, it will either remain on the road or be fully suspended until such time as the repairs are completed and it has been re-inspected by a Council Officer.

Collision and Defect Report Form (doc)

If your vehicle has a mechanical fault which means that you are provided with a courtesy car you will be required to submit a change of vehicle application which will take up to 48 hours to process. Please note that the driver needs to make the application.