Accident and defect reporting

Any accident, incident or damage involving a licensed vehicle must be reported to this Licensing Authority at the earliest opportunity, in line with the timescales stated in the current vehicle licence conditions. Please note that this covers damage caused by you and by others. It does not refer only to motor vehicle accidents on the road.

If your vehicle has sustained damage you MUST complete the Collison and Defect Report Form online here:

In addition to completing this form you are also required to submit photos of the damage sustained ensuring that the photos show the vehicle registration number. These can be uploaded as part of this form.

If the vehicle has sustained any damage affecting the safety, performance or appearance of the vehicle it will need to be repaired and a new compliance certificate must be obtained from one of the designated garages before the vehicle can be used for hire. This certificate must be submitted to the licensing department as soon as it is received.

Failure to notify this licensing authority of an accident involving a licensed vehicle within the time limits set out in conditions, may result in the issuing of penalty points to the licence holder.