Council works with business to protect conservation area

NewsUpdated: 12 June 2024Planning

Planning officers have worked successfully with a local business to preserve the unique character and historic interest of a Three Rivers town centre.

Three Rivers District Council’s planning department worked with the Yellow Express vape shop in Rickmansworth High Street after the business installed new bright illuminated signage which required advertisement consent and were inappropriate for the conservation area.

Following reports in early March officers approached the owners of Yellow Express after the unauthorised signage was installed on the shop front without advertisement consent. After a series of warnings from the council, the signage was removed and changed, eventually to a style considered suitable to the conservation area.

Conservation areas exist to enable local authorities the ability to manage and control development to ensure its character and appearance is preserved or enhanced. There are around 10,000 conservation areas in England.

Kimberley Rowley, the council’s Head of Regulatory Services, said: “Rickmansworth town centre is in a conservation area, and so the council has a responsibility to preserve or enhance the features that make it unique. We have worked closely with the owner to reach a successful conclusion, with a new design which is considered suitable for the location.

“It is always advisable to contact the planning department prior to installing new signage or undertaking new development within the conservation area.”

The council is conducting Conservation Area Appraisals for Rickmansworth and the Church End area of Sarratt. The reviews will ensure the council is able to best protect areas from future planning developments which could prove harmful to their unique character.

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Top: Rickmansworth High Street. 

Middle: The shop's first frontage. 

Bottom: The final approved design.