South Oxhey Playing Fields

Recently refurbished playing fields in South Oxhey

South Oxhey Playing Fields is a former golf course with a rich history. At the site you will find:

Please note there are no public toilets available at South Oxhey Playing Fields.

Car parking: The postcode for the car park is WD19 4LT.

Car parking is sited off Green Lane, at the (old) Pavilion Pub. Pedestrian entrances to the site can be found from Hampermill Lane, Ashburnham Drive, Hayling Road and Highlands.

The site has recently undergone a significant refurbishment following investment of nearly £470,000 from the Community Infrastructure Levy - a charge the council implements on new developments – and a grant of £51,667 from the Lawn Tennis Association.

The refurbishment included resurfacing of existing pathways, the tennis courts and skateboard park have been refurbished and the former astroturf football pitch has been replaced with a multi-use game area along with table tennis tables and chess. The playing fields is also home to the Council’s first ever dog enrichment area.

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Our dog enrichment area: