Small open spaces and woodlands

Information on the smaller open spaces and woodlands across Three Rivers

There are a number of small open spaces and woodlands across Three Rivers which include:

  • Bedmond Road, WD5 0RD - view information on the Bedmond Road play area
  • Cheshire Drive, WD25 7GP - small open space
  • Green Broome Spring, WD3 1PB- woodland
  • Tanners Wood, WD5 0LG  - woodland
  • Tanners Hill, WD5 0LT - small grassland
  • Coombe Hill Road, WD3 8NE - grassland
  • Fortune Common, WD3 1HT - small grassland
  • Franklins Spring, WD3 9TQ - small woodland
  • Pond Wood, WD19 6AQ- small woodland
  • Shepherds Dell Close, WD3 1PD- small woodland
  • The Grove, WD3 1NJ- small woodland
  • Beechen Wood, WD3 9TR - woodland
  • Wearing's Field, WD3 5HT - small woodland and grassland
  • Hartsbourne Woods, WD19 4NE - woodland