Carpenters Wood

The area consists of 22.8 hectares of mixed species woodland situated in Chorleywood

Carpenters Wood is an ancient woodland meaning that it has been wooded for at least 400 years.

Although collectively known as Carpenters Wood, there are three distinct areas:

  • Whitelands Wood
  • Hillas Wood
  • Carpenters Wood

The majority of the mature trees in the woods are Beech and are around 150 years old. Other types of naturally occurring tree include Oak, Cherry and Hornbeam.

The wide paths provide sheltered sunny glades for insects such as Speckled Wood butterflies, and rare wildflowers such as Coralroot Bitter-cress and Wood Sanicle. In April and May the woodland floor is carpeted with English Bluebells.

There is also a small, sunny clearing, with a tree-trunk bench, where walkers can pause and enjoy the moment.

Address: Chorleywood, WD3 5RQ

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