Three Rivers District Council to plant flowers supporting ‘PURPLE4POLIO’

03rd November 2016

rotary-crocus-campaign-27-october.jpgThe Rotary Club of Rickmansworth, together with the support of Three Rivers District Council, is working on planting 5,000 corms in the area, to support their Rotary Crocus Campaign, which is one of the leading international fundraisers for the End Polio Now Campaign.

Rotary International, have dedicated more than 30 years and contributed millions towards the goal of a polio free world. Locally, it is hoped that the two sites in Rickmansworth for the corn planting will raise awareness and funds for polio in the UK and worldwide.

The beautiful purple flowers will be planted at Rickmansworth Library in the High Street, and along Berry Lane at the junction with Coombe Hill Road.  The Chairman of the Council, Andrew Scarth, along with the Ground Work team from TRDC and a few Rotarians started the planting on 27 October. The Chairman said: “We haven’t seen polio in the UK in decades; however, there are still places that it is a threat to children everywhere. This project will not only help protect people from polio, but add some wonderful colour to the two areas”

More fund raising efforts will commence later in the year, together with an extra M&S collection in the spring, specifically for Purple4Polio. For more information, visit