HS2 December 2017 Update

Updated: 21 December 2017

HS2 December Update

21st December 2017

Chalfont Lane, Maple Cross is now closed.  For further details on the closure please refer to the October update.

Due to the Christmas break no work will take place from 4pm on Friday 22 December 2017 until 8am on Tuesday 2 January 2018.  Security will remain on site.

Ecology habitat creation - Tilehouse Lane Jan 2018 (pdf)

Works will be taking place from the 8th January 2018 until the end of April 2018 to create a new ecology habitat near Tilehouse Lane.  This will include the planting of 40,000 trees, 100m of hedgerows and 69,000m2 of grassland.

Planning Update:

Planning permission was granted for the railway under the High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Act 2017. This permission is subject to special consents known as ‘HS2 Act Conditions’ that require Local Planning Authorities to approve particular aspects of the development or construction works.

The following have been submitted to the Local Planning Authorities:

  • Hertfordshire County Council have approved lorry routes to and from Chalfont Lane worksites.
  • Details for a site restoration scheme for the land to the west of the A412 and east of Tilehouse Lane.
  • Plans and specifications for earthworks for the widening of Chalfont Lane (between the A412/Chalfont Lane roundabout and a point approximately 10m west of Sunnyhill Road) and the construction of new permanent fencing (to the north of Chalfont Lane and east of Sunnyhill Road).

For further details go to :  Hertfordshire County Council HS2 High Speed Railway Project

For information on any aspect of the proposed railway, you can visit the HS2 website at  www.gov.uk  or contact HS2 Ltd at: 
HS2 Email address:  HS2enquiries@hs2.org.uk
HS2 Telephone number: 08081 434 434

You can also visit  www.threerivers.gov.uk/egcl-page/hs2-in-three-rivers