HS2 railway

The Government is planning to build a new railway between London and Birmingham, called High Speed 2. The construction of the railway will seriously affect the people, businesses and natural environment in Three Rivers District, just south of Maple Cross and near to West Hyde.

The High Speed (London – West Midlands) Hybrid Bill is currently being considered by Parliament. The Bill would give powers to a government body, HS2 Ltd, to build a new railway that would cross part of the Three Rivers district. This would permanently change the local landscape and cause disruption and reduce local quality of life during the construction stage. You can see some of the official plans here:

Proposed scheme plan (pdf)
Construction works plan (pdf)
Definitions, legal notices and disclaimers (pdf)

Three Rivers District Council has acted strongly in response to these proposals by publishing its concerns and making a petition to Parliament requesting improvements. The Council set out concerns about the likely visual effects of the proposed embankments and the traffic and pollution impacts that could be caused by the large, semi-permanent construction compounds, as well as numerous other areas of concern on potential harm to the local area, local people and businesses.

For information on any aspect of the proposed railway, you can visit the HS2 website at or contact HS2 Ltd at: 
HS2 Email address:
HS2 Telephone number: 020 7944 4908

If you would like to know about the actions that the District Council is taking in response to the proposals, or if you need help to understand the proposals, you are welcome to contact the Economic & Sustainable Development team at 01923 776611 or email

Construction work updates:

Current information