Why you might see cattle in Three Rivers meadows

NewsUpdated: 4 August 2023Environment and Climate Emergency

Red Devon cattle continue to moo-ve about the district’s grassland meadows as part of a grazing effort to naturally maintain the habitats.

The herd of 14 cattle have been up and down the district’s meadows, such as Horses’ Field and Chorleywood House Estate, as part of a conservation grazing effort.

These natural gardeners provide many benefits to the local ecosystem, such as trampling dropped seeds from wildflowers into their ground, increasing their chances of germinating.

Cllr Jon Tankard, Lead Member for Environmental Services, Climate Change and Sustainability, said: “The conversation scheme is truly exciting to see come into fruition and it’s amazing that these docile and good-natured creatures are making such a difference to our wonderful and diverse grassland meadows.

“The herd makes a fascinating feature to our meadows and it’s great to see them welcomed by visitors and residents. I urge everyone to please respect the herd and for all dog walkers to keep their dog on a lead when entering the enclosed areas.”

The cattle are regularly checked by their farmer. However, if you see anything that you feel needs reporting, please contact 01923 776611.