Walking and cycling

How we manage and improve walking and cycling routes in the district

Three Rivers District Council promotes cycling and walking, to encourage better travel and reduce climate change - better for you, the people around you and for your local environment.

You can reduce your carbon footprint while living a healthier, happier and more enjoyable life! Start walking and cycling more, using the information and links below to help you on your way.


We want to enable and encourage people of all abilities to use their bike to get around - particularly people who do not often ride a bike. We also want to make walking easier for everyone.

Getting started and essential equipment

Want to ride but don’t know where to begin? British Cycling have some great advice in the articles below.

Get Started - Cycling basics

Essential kit to carry

You can also find more information on the Green Our Herts facebook page.

Government Cycling Schemes

Many employers now offer affordable access to cycling through the Government’s Cycle To Work Scheme which allows you to purchase a new bicycle and equipment paid for on a monthly basis. Speak to your employers’ Human Resources department to see if it is something they offer.


You can find useful information to support walking here:

http://walkit.com/ - "The Urban walking route planner"

https://www.livingstreets.org.uk/ - a wide range of information from this major walking campaign group.

https://www.walkscore.com/ - find out how 'walkable' your area is - and get advice if you're looking to move!