Electric vehicle charging

Find your nearest electric vehicle chargepoint

Electric vehicle charging points

There are many electric vehicle chargepoints located across Three Rivers District. You can locate a chargepoint using the Department for Transport’s EV charging map.

For further information on owning, running and charging an electric vehicle see the Energy Saving Trust website.

Planned charging facilities

We are investigating using capital funding to encourage electric driving in the district.

Our Transport & Parking Projects team is procuring electric vehicle charging points for public car parks to encourage drivers of electric vehicles to visit local shops. These rapid chargepoints will also be available to residents who do not have a charge point at home.

We also support the introduction of rapid electric vehicle chargepoints for use by taxi firms around the district.

Electric vehicle charging grants

Government grants are available to help you or your landlord install a home chargepoint or to help your employer install a charge point at your workplace. For more information and to apply for a charge point grant, visit the GOV.UK website.