We want your feedback on Three Rivers Parks and Open Spaces

03rd June 2019

Three Rivers District Council has reviewed their Byelaws for Parks and Open Spaces.  

Residents and customers are now invited to read the proposed byelaws and give their comments.  

The regulations simplify the procedures for making and amending bylaws. The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) provide a number of updated ‘Model’ Byelaws, with guidance for the completion of such bye-laws, via 

Cllr Steve Drury said: “The review has been prompted by the need to ensure that the byelaws cover all relevant council land. We need to make sure that they are current, now we want our residents to read these and share their thoughts and views by 24 June 2019.” 

You can read Three Rivers District Council’s byelaws and accompanying documents via