Ukraine: a statement from the Leader of the Council March 2022


Statement from Cllr Sarah Nelmes, Leader of Three Rivers District Council: 

"I join the leaders of councils across Hertfordshire, and the clamour of voices across the world, in condemning the military invasion of Ukraine which violates the fundamental human rights of the Ukrainian people and international law, and in so doing threatens security in Europe and the entire world. 

My thoughts are with the innocent civilians who are being killed, injured, forced to flee their homes or hide underground while their towns and cities are mercilessly targeted.

And my thoughts are with those local people who may have friends and family members in the Ukraine and hour by hour are praying for the safety of their loved ones. 

We in Three Rivers are ready to assist in any way that we can and stand in solidarity with the rest of the world in calling for an end to this inhumanity."

Three Rivers District Council s not collecting donations directly, but we have compiled a list of organisations and appeals that residents might consider supporting.


Photo caption: Cllr Sarah Nelmes (third from right) stands in solidarity with other leaders across Hertfordshire