Three Rivers Youth Council challenged on the environment

03rd July 2018

More than 200 children from fifteen school councils attended a meeting to celebrate the results of a project to tackle a variety of community issues. 

On June 20, pupils from schools in Chorleywood, Rickmansworth, Maple Cross and the surrounding area gathered at Watersmeet Theatre to present the outcomes of individual projects they chose in 2017.

School governors, parents, teachers and councillors at Three Rivers Youth Council crowded into the packed theatre space to hear verbal presentations, watch videos and take part in exercises concerning litter picking, parking, the elderly, and playgrounds. 

Throughout the morning the youngsters presented their work, each with a common theme of enabling young people to have their voices heard. 

The children also challenged the council on their consumption of single-use plastics and the importance of human safety over environmental safety. The chairman of Three Rivers District Council, Cllr Phil Williams, presented certificates at the end. 

Chairman of the Youth Council, Cllr Alex Michaels, said: “Young people are often underrepresented in society and their voices not heard. They do however have a crucial and important role to play and are our future - we not only owe it to them to listen but as we saw today, we must also let them lead us at times too. 

“As a result of this, the Youth Council will focus much more in the environment from now on. The success of this event belongs to them and I am excited to continue to work with them in the future, and to be challenged by the expectations they have for their futures.”

Duncan Roberts, Head of Maple Cross (and soon to be Head of Little Green) added: “It is a privilege to be part of a connected group of schools committed to promoting learning across our community. The children and schools have made this year a huge success and I am excited about the future focus on the environment.”

The Youth Council will meet again in autumn. For more information, email