Three Rivers Pensioners’ Forum – film, talks, popcorn and cakes

03rd March 2020

Over 100 Pensioners gathered last Friday in the Council Chamber at Three Rivers House, Rickmansworth, to hear four speakers and watch the Lord Lieutenant’s film, A County at War, Hertfordshire. 

Gary Evans, Chief Executive of “Demand,” a Leavesden-based charity, spoke first.

With the motto “Making solutions for inclusion,” Gary explained how this innovative charity designs and engineers undreamed of solutions allowing disabled people to achieve the formerly unthinkable. 

Liz Burns volunteers with the Amersham-based charity “Work Aid” which renovates unwanted machinery and equipment. This accepts just everything however outmoded and dilapidated.   It has facilities to repair, sort and ship to Africa creating opportunities for gainful employment. 

Lisa Cook, Project Development Officer at Three Rivers, gave the Forum a speedy account of the Leavesden Country Park Project. She explained the history from Victorian asylum, World War II aeroplane factory and aerodrome through to the current day film industry and leisure park with commemorative heritage and sculpture trail. 

Roger Yapp introduced the film, “A County at War.” Roger explained the growing fears of invasion from as early as late Victorian times. He referred to scarifying spy novels being written at the time such as “The Thirty-Nine Steps.” He explained the origin of the Coast Guard protecting the Norfolk coast and the importance of Hertfordshire as a deterrent to an invasion of London. This knowledge gave us the background and the film provided the substance. 

Gagan Mohindra MP said: “Brilliant event! Excellent to see it so well attended and it was very informative, covering past, present and future. I am looking forward to coming again.” 

This very full meeting ended with an opportunity to discuss issues of relevance to the Forum.   It had previously debated the Age UK campaign for Free TV Licences for the over 75s and was considering steps towards looking into our unreliable local bus service. 

Popcorn, cakes and muffins accompanying the film were most welcome.