Council swaps 230 lights to energy efficient LEDs

Press ReleaseUpdated: 11 October 2023Environment and Climate Emergency

More energy-efficient lighting will soon be coming to Three Rivers, thanks to a bright idea by the council.

Working with maintenance company GPS Facilities, the council is in the process of upgrading the existing 230 lamp posts it is responsible for, which cover garages, car parks, footpaths and local parks, to energy-efficient LEDs and many of which will be solar-powered wherever possible.

This project - which is expected to be completed by October - will provide cost savings and have an impact on emissions, thus supporting the council’s climate change strategy.

It is estimated that upgrading the lamp posts could save four tonnes of CO2 annually. The costs and frequency of repairs, maintenance and monitoring of the lamp posts will also be significantly reduced.

LEDs last longer and contain no hazardous materials compared to the old technology sodium (SON) lamps, which over half of the lampposts in the district have, meaning that fewer bulbs need to be produced, and conversely, they do not need to be replaced as often.

Cllr Jon Tankard, Lead Member for Environmental Services, Climate Change and Sustainability, said: “I am excited that this lighting refresh will soon be underway that will bring more efficient and environmentally friendly lighting across Three Rivers.

“Lamp posts are essential in improving safety and reducing anti-social behaviour. Converting from SON to LED will not only improve safety and reduce maintenance fees, but it will also help the district get to that all-important net-zero target by 2045.”

Paul Murphy, Managing Director at GPS Facilities, said: “GPS Facilities were thrilled that our Solar-Powered street lighting was chosen to be installed across the district.

“This initiative not only significantly brightens the community, but also takes a firm step towards Three Rivers sustainability targets.”

PHOTO CAPTION 2: Before shot of a street light at the Grove Crescent garage site in Croxley Green.

PHOTO CAPTION 3: The replacement street light with LED lights at the Grove Crescent garage site