Three Rivers Council opens up new bidding process for funds to support local communities

NewsUpdated: 31 May 2023Planning

Organisations and community groups will soon be able to apply for funding from Three Rivers District Council’s Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) pot.

From 1st June, the council will introduce a new scoring system for infrastructure projects in the area to meet certain criteria for funding to be considered.

CIL is a charge which allows the council to raise funds from new developments for use on infrastructure to support growth within the district as well as support new developments by providing the infrastructure required by the council and local communities, such as a new school.

Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst, Deputy Council Leader and Lead member for Infrastructure, said: “I urge groups and organisations to put in applications if they feel they can benefit from it. This money is for the wider community to benefit from developments.”

To apply for the CIL funds, applicants must complete the strategic CIL spending application process.

Certain forms are required as follows:

· Spending Request Form

· Scoring Criteria Form

· Climate & Sustainability Impact Assessment

The council has introduced a twice-yearly bidding window for applicants to apply. The dates are as follows:

· 1st June – 13th July

· 1st January – 12th February

The above forms can be downloaded from the council’s website under ‘Spending The Community Infrastructure Levy’: