Three Rivers Children Help Combat Litter

02nd July 2020

Over the last few months, our parks and open spaces have seen an increase in the amount of litter being left on the ground and not placed in the bins provided or taken back home to be disposed of correctly. 

To help tackle this important issue affecting our outdoor spaces, the Council launched a poster competition, encouraging children to design posters to help spread the message ‘Don’t Leave it Bin It.’  

The children designed anti-litter posters with the #DontLeaveItBinIt, encouraging people to take pride in their environment by correctly disposing of their rubbish. 

Cllrs Chris Lloyd, Lead Member for Leisure, helped judge the entries and said: “It is great to see so many children enter the competition. The winning posters will be used around the District to help change behaviours. Do not drop litter, it is unacceptable behaviour, please take home what you brought. There has been an extra cost in the last three months, for example, we have had 12 people rather than the normal two on litter picking. This is taxpayers'​ money that could have been better spent on, for example, enhancing the parks or on providing vital services. A big thank you to the amazing volunteers who have helped clear up, we really appreciate it. Litter is unsightly and anti-social and has a detrimental impact on our environment and wildlife. Please, take your litter home.”  

Eloise from the 11+ age group was the winner, she said: “I decided that my design would be bright and bold so that people will stop and read it. I hope this encourages them to use the bins provided and stop littering.” 

The other winning entries are: 

Under 5s - Eva aged 5

6 - 10s age group - Fara aged 9 and Louie aged 9. 

Some of the entries that were highly recommended by the judges will be used across the social media platform to help promote the Don’t Leave it Bin It message. 

Cllr Phil Williams, Lead Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability, who also helped judge the entries, added: “Thanks to all who took part, this is an important message we need to keep reiterating. Three Rivers works hard to keep the parks and open spaces tidy for visitors and safe for wildlife. However, it also welcomes and says thank you to people who give a helping hand to clear up the litter that others have left. Please, take your litter home with you if bins are full, let’s all work together at keeping our district clean and inviting for our communities and visitors.”