South Oxhey development results published

Kevin Snow06th December 2012

Key results from a workshop held with South Oxhey residents were discussed last week at the Watford Rural Local Area Forum at the Parish Council in Oxhey Drive (28 November).

Three Rivers’ asset manager, Alan Head, discussed the workshop findings, which showed a change in public opinion in favour of modernisation.

The new precinct will feature a larger supermarket and a wide range of shops and the existing shopkeepers will be offered first options on the new premises.

On 27 September, residents were invited to view draft plans and a 3D model of what the modernised precinct could look like. 290 people came to the workshop over the day. The key findings discussed last night at the area forum were as follows:

Total attendance: 290

Total feedback forms received: 134

In favour of the outline proposals: 55%

Against the outline proposals: 27%

No opinion stated: 18%

Alan Head reminded the forum that out of a possible total retail spend in South Oxhey of £33M a year, only £2M is spent locally. Modernisation will encourage more local people to spend their cash in South Oxhey - keeping money in the local economy and supporting jobs.

The forum was attended by Hertfordshire Constabulary and Neighbourhood Watch. County, District and Parish Councillors and representatives from Thrive Homes also attended the forum.

There will be more detailed public consultation on the modernisation of South Oxhey in 2013.

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More information about the South Oxhey Initiative and design workshop results is available in the autumn/winter edition of the Council's resident magazine, Three Rivers Times.

South Oxhey Initiative timeline:


Public consultations and selection of a developer.


Application for planning permission.


Construction of new housing for residents of the current flats in the Precinct.


Residents of current flats in the north of the Precinct move to new accommodation and relocation of shops


Redevelopment of the north Precinct.


Residents of current flats in the south of the Precinct move to new accommodation and relocation of shops.


Community facilities on Oxhey Drive move to new community hub building in the Precinct.

Redevelopment of Oxhey Drive for housing.