Recycle your Electricals - near you soon!

07th June 2016

If you have any unwanted electrical items lurking in your attic or under your bed, then bring them on Saturday 18 June between 10am and 3pm to Watford Council's depot on Wiggenhall Road (WD18 0FB) to be recycled or reused.

On average, everyone accumulates about three new electrical items every year, from a new phone to new irons and hairdryers. Recycling unwanted electrical items is environmentally friendly and makes sure really valuable raw materials, such as gold and silver, aren't wasted.

The council is working with WEEE Stop, a company that provides an innovative solution for electrical recycling needs, to collect and inspect unwanted items.  These could be anything with a plug or batteries – from a washing machine to a pocket calculator – which will then be recycled or reused.

Electrical items should be disposed of at events such as these or your local household waste recycling centres. Give them a new lease of life and conserve raw materials by reusing or recycling them. This also prevents hazardous material like lead or mercury from entering landfill sites. Any electrical items that are powered by a plug or a battery, from a washing machine to a pocket calculator, will be accepted. Items that can be reused will be repaired if necessary and re-homed. Those that cannot be repaired will be recycled.

To find out more about recycling in Three Rivers, please visit our Rubbish, Waste and Recycling page