Record beating recycling

Updated: 26 January 2006

It's official - Three Rivers residents are record beating recyclers

It's official - Three Rivers residents are record beating recyclers. New figures from DEFRA show that Three Rivers is one of the top ten recyclers in the whole of England.

The latest statistics show that Three Rivers was the tenth best local authority for recycling (excluding composted garden and food waste) in 2004-2005, with over 22% of dry household waste being recycled. This fantastic result was achieved through residents using the kerbside boxes provided by the District Council to recycle their glass, paper, plastic bottles and cans.

Councillor Phil Brading, Public Services and Health portfolio holder, says:

"This is great news for our residents and it really demonstrates what a difference can be made by doing something so simple as recycling our household rubbish. Now that we're one of the top recyclers in the country, hopefully we can keep it up and do even better this year."

He adds:

"In fact, if we add our brown bin collections to our kerbside collections, this takes our overall recycling rate to over 40% - that's 72% up on just a year ago. It just shows that it only takes a few small things to make a big difference."