Joint taxi check operation is a success

27th January 2016

taxi-service-list-image.jpgThree Rivers District Council, working in partnership with Hertfordshire Constabulary, carried out a taxi compliance operation on the evening of Wednesday 16 December 2015, aimed at checking the safety and legality of licensed taxis, private hire vehicles and drivers in Three Rivers.

During the operation, taxis and private hire vehicles were stopped by police officers and directed to an inspection point. Vehicles were inspected by police vehicle examiners, while drivers were interviewed by Licensing and Fraud Officers. The checks were carried out to ensure that drivers and vehicles were complying with requirements set by the Council and the legislation for taxi and private hire licences.  The checks included ensuring the roadworthiness of vehicles, ensuring that necessary signage, documentation and equipment such as first aid kits and fire extinguishers were carried, as well as checking for potential fraudulent claims for public funds.

A total of 13 vehicles were stopped during the operation, with the following results:

One (1) vehicle was found to have 2 illegal tyres of the minimum tread and the driver was found to be in unlawful possession of a controlled prescription drug. The vehicle licence was suspended for various deficiencies from a taxi use perspective (body work damage, dangerous condition) and the vehicle was prohibited from use by the police.

  • Two (2) vehicles were suspended from use due to bodywork defects.
  • Two (2) drivers warned re-bodywork damage.
  • One (1) vehicle was found to be carrying a defective fire extinguisher.
  • Nine (9) drivers were warned for not displaying their licence badges whilst working.
  • Three (3) vehicles committed lighting offences.
  • Two (2) drivers were reported by the police for not wearing seatbelts.

Cllr Steve Drury, Lead Member for the Licensing Committee said: "The Council is determined to ensure that our licensed taxis and private hire vehicles comply fully with the requirements of the law and of their licences, so as to deliver a safe transport service to the residents and businesses of Three Rivers District Council. Compliance operations of this type, carried out in partnership with the police, help us to identify potential safety risks and deal with them at an early stage."

Three Rivers Chief Inspector Deirdre Dent said: “This was a successful operation and is a great example of how police and council officers are working together to help keep residents in Three Rivers safe. We intend to continue this work with more of these operations checking that the taxis operating in the area are safe and that they comply with the law.

“The message to taxi drivers in the district is clear: if you do not uphold the required standards then you could face a fine, or even be stopped from working.”

We are grateful to the drivers who were stopped during the operation for their cooperation.

Enforcement operations take place throughout the year, both to check the safety and legality of licensed taxis and private hire vehicles, and to identify and take action against unlicensed drivers and vehicles working illegally in Three Rivers.

For further information or to report any concerns about unsafe or illegal taxis or private hire vehicles in Three Rivers  please contact the Licensing Team on 01923 776611 or email