Joint statement on Red Cross Building's future

NewsUpdated: 1 August 2023Community and living
Red Cross Building in Croxley Green

Future options for the Red Cross Building in Croxley Green are currently being discussed and will be thoroughly investigated.

Members of Three Rivers District Council, which owns the building, and Croxley Green Parish Council recently met to discuss the building’s future following the Red Cross's stated intention to surrender the building’s lease.

At the meeting, Members for both Councils agreed to continue to investigate the options for the site. Three Rivers District Council has been exploring the option of building a new, modern community space with residential accommodation above, which aims to provide much needed social housing for local residents. It is anticipated that the scheme could provide up to 9no. units but no final decisions have been taken and any redevelopment of the site will require planning permission. 

Both councils are committed to consulting residents once options for the building’s future are more fully developed and both look forward to working with each other on the future of the Red Cross site.

Croxley Green Parish  Chairman, Cllr Stephen Crabtree, said: "On behalf of the Parish Council, I am pleased that we have received an update from TRDC about their plans and look forward to ongoing discussions about the future of the Red Cross site."

Cllr Sarah Nelmes , Leader of Three Rivers Council, said: "Our meeting was productive and we are committed to working with the Parish and local community to achieve the best for all on this site."

Background Note

The Red Cross Centre was constructed in 1966 and was built on land owned by the former Rickmansworth Urban District Council, now Three Rivers District Council. The British Red Cross were granted a 99-year lease which included provision for the use of the premises by the Croxley Green Welcome Club.

The British Red Cross have announced their intention to surrender the lease as part of their property estate rationalisation. Since 2019 the building has been unavailable for hire to other users. As a condition of any surrender of the lease, the British Red Cross are required to find a new home for the Croxley Green Welcome Club within 6 months of the agreement to surrender. Three Rivers District Council have offered to assist with this process, to provide local knowledge of venues and to ensure minimal disruption to the Welcome Club.

Prior to the surrender of the lease by the British Red Cross, Croxley Green Parish Council have asked that TRDC examine options for the future of the building. On the 14 July Three Rivers District Council and Croxley Green Parish Council held a very constructive meeting to discuss the British Red Cross building and the future of the site. Both Council’s agreed to work together to ensure the best outcome for the site and for the residents of Croxley Green.

Both Three Rivers District Council and Croxley Green Parish Council are duty-bound to achieve best value in connection with the management of property assets. Three Rivers District Council is of the opinion, that subject to planning permission and a viable business case, the site can enhance its use and appeal with a scheme to provide up to 9 new affordable social housing homes via a housing association on the site, constructed over three floors to help satisfy unmet demand for affordable new homes in Croxley along with the creation of a community space on the ground floor to make use of an underutilised facility.

Three Rivers District Council is committed to engaging with the Parish Council and other stakeholders over the operation of the community space. It is also committed to discussing further the designs for the site with the Croxley Green Parish Council and to undertake public consultation.

Regular updates regarding this scheme will be provided jointly by Three Rivers District Council and Croxley Green Parish Council.