Help tackle loneliness and isolation across Three Rivers this spring

03rd May 2022


Residents of Three Rivers are being invited to support older people experiencing loneliness and isolation - and those affected by increasing fuel costs - by nominating people to receive special gift bags.

The bags are being given out by Three Rivers District Council and contain practical items such as a fleece, thermal hat, gloves and socks as well as a packet of biscuits and some hot drinks. At a time of heightened awareness of rising fuel costs, the bags are being given out to older people to help them remain warm and feel connected.

Even though the weather is warming up, those unable to move around a lot still experience feeling cold. Being cold at any time of year can aggravate health conditions and puts people at increased risk of strokes, heart attacks and falls.

Residents are being invited by the council to help nominate people who would benefit from receiving a bag and to help deliver them. The council wants to work with residents to ensure those people who are isolated are offered the correct support, or put in touch with local groups to help reduce loneliness.

The council is working with the Small Acts of Kindness charity and other partners to deliver bags to residents across Three Rivers.

Rebecca Young, Head of Community Partnerships, said: “Working with Small Acts of Kindness and our partners is key to tackling rising fuel costs and the impact of loneliness. It is well known that loneliness can have a major impact on well-being and mental health. We hope that the delivery of these bags reminds our residents that they are not alone.”

Lynne Misner, CEO, Small Acts of Kindness said: “We are delighted to once again be partnering with Three Rivers District Council to help older people keep warm and receive information that helps connect them to support, activities and services in their community. Our Warm in Winter gift bags not only help heat the person when they might be unable to heat their home, but they also play a big part in connecting communities with kindness.”

If you want to find out what support services or activities are available in your local area, or don’t know where to turn, contact Herts Help on 0300 123 4044 or visit


  • PHOTO: Ines Ferreira of Three Rivers District Council and Lynne Misner, CEO, Small Acts of Kindness.