Enjoy your Parks and Open Spaces responsibly

Updated: 9 June 2020

Three Rivers District Council are reminding all visitors to parks and open spaces to enjoy them responsibly.

Three Rivers District Council are reminding all visitors to parks and open spaces to enjoy them responsibly. With the easing of the lockdown restrictions, more people are getting out and enjoying the parks and open spaces across the district.

Please note that BBQs are not allowed in our parks and open spaces. With the continued warm weather we have had some small fires reported, including one on Croxley Common Moor, which is a site of special scientific interest with rare flora, fauna, and wildlife that is not found anywhere else in the UK.

Cllr Phil Williams, Lead Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability, said; “The Grounds Maintenance team is working hard to keep all these green spaces clean, tidy and empty the bins regularly. The litter being left behind may affect the safety of our staff and it can also damage the wildlife and plant life that we want to protect.

“Please do not light any BBQs or leave litter on the ground. Use the bins provided and if full take your rubbish home with you. With your help, we can keep these places litter-free, ready for the next set of visitors to also enjoy the clean, welcoming environment.”

Cllr Chris Lloyd, Lead Member for Leisure, added: “We are fortunate to have some of the best parks and open spaces in the UK. We have six Local Nature Reserves and three award-winning Greenflag sites. We want people to keep enjoying these sites and for the woodland, fauna, and wildlife to continue to thrive for many years to come.

“We are aware that whilst some people are sticking to the rules of social distancing and taking litter home, others aren’t. Remember the Government Restrictions of keeping 2 meters apart, meeting up to a maximum of six people only. Continue to enjoy the open spaces responsibly and keep them litter-free. Carry on keeping your distance, staying alert, staying safe, and keeping healthy. Like many other people I have discovered new footpaths over the recent months.”

Toilet facilities remain closed to help minimise the spread of Coronavirus. Please head to your home if you need to use these facilities.

If you notice that a bin is full, please report it to Three Rivers District Council .