Enforcement action on Croxley car wash

17th October 2017

A car wash which has been causing misery to local residents in Croxley Green has been closed down following enforcement action by the Council.

The car wash which was operating without planning permission at Greystone Works near to The Green was, according to Officers, resulting in significant noise impacts to neighbouring properties due to the open air environment in which the vehicles were being cleaned.  

After a thorough investigation into the use of the site, an Enforcement Notice was served earlier in the year which was subject to a withdrawn appeal which delayed compliance. Following the withdrawn appeal, those responsible for the car wash were given a final deadline to comply with the notice which has been respected.

Councillor Chris Whately Smith, Chairman of the Planning Committee, commented “I acknowledge that the car wash was well used by locals; however, its location was inappropriate given the close proximity to residential properties. I would advise that any business looking to start up in Three Rivers should seek pre-application advice from the Planning Department before commencing to avoid possible enforcement action.”

Site of Car Wash at Greystone Works