Council updates plan to help district become net zero

Press ReleaseUpdated: 25 March 2024Environment and Climate Emergency

A plan of action to help Three Rivers become a net zero district - by supporting businesses and residents to be more environmentally friendly - has been approved by councillors.

Three Rivers District Council is committed to being a net zero council for its own operations by 2030, and to help decarbonise the district as set out in first Climate and Sustainability Emergency Strategy and Action Plan, which was adopted in 2021.

An updated strategy for 2023-2027 was adopted by the council in December, and now councillors have given the green light to an action plan to make its ambitions become a reality. Members of the Climate Change, Leisure and Community Committee approved the plans on Wednesday 13 March.

The updated strategy details how the council will actively support residents and businesses in the district to become more environmentally friendly and reduce their carbon footprint. Actions in the plan include:

· Supporting residents who want to make their homes more energy-efficient through a Retrofit Once Stop Shop.

· Installing EV charging points in council-owned car parks.

· Prepare and implement an EV (electric vehicle) strategy to guide the growth of EV infrastructure in the district.

· Decarbonise council buildings.

· Progress electrification for the council vehicle fleet.

· Continue to manage and deliver grant-funded domestic retrofit schemes and take relevant grant-funded retrofit opportunities as they arise.

· Identification and implementation of cycling infrastructure (routes and equipment) on council land.

The council is using the Innovate UK Fast Followers Fund to explore different ways to pay for these projects, whilst ensuring stable council finances.

The council has already assisted in retrofitting about 140 homes to be warmer, healthier and greener, upgraded all council-owned lamp posts to energy-efficient LEDs, and retrofitted Three Rivers House and the Batchworth Depot with energy-efficient green technologies as part of its progress towards net zero.

The council is also committed to protecting and enhancing nature on its land and the wider district, with examples including its new grassland management regime whilst encouraging neighbouring landowners within the district to follow suite.

Joanne Wagstaffe, the council’s Chief Executive said: “Protecting and enhancing our natural world could not be more important. This action outlines how the ambitions of the council’s Climate and Sustainability Emergency Strategy will now be realised in the months and years ahead.”

To find out more about the Three Rivers District Council's Climate Strategy and Action Plan, visit here