Council unveils ambitious new 12 month action plan

31st August 2021


An ambitious 12-month action plan has been unveiled by Three Rivers District Council with a particular focus on helping the district recover from the Covid pandemic and responding to the Climate Emergency. 

The action plan for 2021-22 will help the council deliver its objectives in its four key priority areas: Sustainable Environment, Successful Economy, Housing and Thriving Communities, and High Performing, Financially Independent Council.

Cllr Sarah Nelmes, the council’s Leader, explained: “We want Three Rivers to be a place for everyone where all our communities enjoy a healthy and sustainable future with access to good quality housing and open spaces, high quality services, and a successful economy.

“The action plan details the work we have planned over the next 12 months, in addition to all the day to day business that the council is routinely involved with - everything from dealing with planning applications to emptying people’s bins and helping to support the most vulnerable in our community. 

“Much of our focus has been and will continue to be on supporting the local community as we recover from the devastating effects of the Covid pandemic. The repercussions are still being firmly felt, especially by people in the business community. That’s why we will be unveiling a package of support to work with local businesses, not only providing financial assistance through grants, but also helping them to develop entrepreneurial skills. 

“The environmental emergency is another key priority for us. Having recently adopted our new Climate Emergency and Sustainability strategy, we will be setting out a specific list of actions to help the district achieve net zero emissions. We will also be delivering a new strategy to protect and enhance trees across the district.”

The council has recently undertaken a consultation on a new Local Plan, setting out a vision and policy framework for future growth within the district up until 2038. The council will also be adopting a new policy to ensure that social housing in the district is allocated to those most in need. 

In addition, the council is reviewing its current anti-social behaviour policy, to help identify further actions that can be taken with its partners to tackle the problem. The council is also supporting local employment by taking part in the government’s Kickstart scheme.

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