Have your say on changes to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Press ReleaseUpdated: 13 November 2023Council tax

Residents across Three Rivers are being invited to have their say on proposed changes to a scheme designed to help financially vulnerable pay their Council Tax.

Three Rivers District Council is deciding whether to make changes to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme for working age applicants in the district.

Council Tax Reduction is a discount that helps people on low incomes pay their Council Tax bill. The level of discount is based on the income of the household.

From 1 April 2024 the council intends to replace the existing means tested system which is largely based on the previous Council Tax Benefit system that was in place prior to the introduction of Council Tax Reduction in 2013. The council is proposing an income banded scheme that is designed to be easier to understand and provide more targeted support, with the maximum level of reduction for the people most in need.

The council wants to provide up to 100% support for households on the lowest incomes, make the scheme work better with the Universal Credit system; support families, carers and applicants who receive a disability benefit; take away the need for constant changes in awards and make the scheme easier to manage.

Cllr Keith Martin, Lead Member for Resources and Shared Services, said: “The council is legally required to consult on any proposed changes to the scheme and we’re asking you to take this opportunity to say what you think about these very important proposed changes to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme.”

There are no changes for pension age applicants as they are part of the national scheme. The new Council Tax Reduction Scheme would start from 1 April 2024.

The public consultation on the proposals can be found here. It opens on Monday, 13 November and will run until 25 December.

This consultation closed on 25 December 2023.