Council signs Climate Local Commitment

15th January 2015

On Tuesday 13 January the District Council made a commitment to taking action in a changing climate through the signing of the Local Government Association Climate Local Agreement.

climate-change-opt-2015.jpgLead Member for Economic Development and Sustainability, Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst, said:

"The Council has already shown its commitment to the environment - including through the award winning work to insulate local homes on Boundary Way and investment in renewable energy such as the ground source heat pump under the Rose Garden which provides heating and cooling to Three Rivers House.

"By reducing use of energy and resources this not only helps the environment but helps to save money too. Insulating homes means using less energy as well as saving on bills and keeping warm - which can help keep people healthy."

The Council has recognised that it has an important role to help residents and businesses to capture the opportunities and benefits of action on climate change. The Council is currently consulting on the 'Green Expectations' strategy and will continue to take action as a community leader, service provider and estate manager.

Climate Local Agreement (pdf)