Council sees nearly 100% of voters remembering to bring photo ID

NewsUpdated: 17 May 2023Elections and democracy

Data released by Three Rivers District Council shows the number of people who brought ID to the polling station for local elections on 4 May.

 The data shows that 99.5% of electors voting in the Three Rivers polling stations brought photo ID that met newly introduced voter ID requirements.

Collated figures across the area show 14,662 electors voted at our 58 polling stations on 4 May.

At the end of polling day, 70 electors who tried to vote in a polling station were not given a ballot paper because they did not meet the new voter ID requirements – 0.5%.

The figures also show while 208 electors were initially turned away, 138 returned with acceptable ID and were able to vote. This means 66.3% of those initially turned away returned and were issued with a ballot paper.

Chief Executive and Returning Officer Joanne Wagstaffe said: “It is fantastic to see that Three Rivers District Council saw nearly 100% of the electorate remember to bring appropriate photo ID given it is brand new legislation – although we are obviously disappointed for those who were not able to vote.

“I want to thank everybody for using their democratic right to vote by going to the polling station or voting via post.”