Council obtains High Court injunction to stop potential unauthorised use of land in Bucks Hill, Sarratt

27th May 2022


The council has been successful in obtaining a High Court injunction which prevents the unauthorised use of a parcel of land within Bucks Hill, Sarratt.

Last summer the council was inundated with complaints from local residents when a religious traveller festival known as the ‘Light and Life’ event descended on an open parcel of Green Belt land within the small hamlet of Bucks Hill. The festival lasted for a week and caused significant distress and unacceptable levels of disturbance to local residents.

image001-7.pngThe council has always been of the view that the use of the land during the festival was as a caravan site, a use excluded from the 28 day temporary use rule. On receiving information that a similar festival was to take place soon the council moved to secure the order. The order prohibits bringing any caravans on to the land, mobile homes or any other structures intended for or capable of habitation, the use of the land as a caravan site as well as other restrictions. The council will be required to return to court on 9 June 2022 to persuade a judge that the court order should remain in place.

In addition to the court order, The Planning Inspectorate on 24 May 2022 dismissed an enforcement appeal at the same site concerning the unauthorised widening of the access, works that occurred a week before the festival last year. The enforcement notice requires that the access is returned back to its former condition. The owner has three months to comply.