Captain Sir Tom Moore 1920-2021

03rd February 2021


Joint statement from Cllr Keith Martin, Chairman of Three Rivers District Council, and Cllr Sarah Nelmes, Leader of Three Rivers District Council

He was the hero of the hour who inspired us all. 

In our darkest hour, at the height of the Covid pandemic, we all needed someone to give us hope. Captain Sir Tom Moore was that person. He had lived his life to the full and served his country during the Second World War with great courage. And when the world locked down for the pandemic, Captain Tom fought again to raise an astonishing £32m for the NHS - despite having in recent years broken his hip and been treated for skin cancer.

It is fitting that only yesterday we heard that four local charities, ASCEND, Watford Community Housing Trust, Community Learning Partnership, and the Peace Hospice have all been awarded funding directly raised by Captain Tom. 

Above all else, it was Captain Tom’s sense of public duty and his never-failing sense of optimism that tomorrow will be a good day that will continue to inspire us and live on in our hearts. 

As Captain Tom’s daughters have said: "The last year of our father’s life was nothing short of remarkable.” 

It’s fair to say, it was his finest hour. 

Our thoughts and sympathies are with his family and with everyone who has so sadly lost a loved one in recent times.