Blog: Why not take on a New Year's challenge to make 2023 a little greener?

19th January 2023


phil-williams-22.jpgCllr Phil Williams, Three Rivers District Council's Lead Member for Environmental Services, Climate Change and Sustainability, looks forward to an environmentally friendly 2023.

As we begin 2023, I am reminded that with every year that passes the climate crisis becomes more damaging and more urgent. It also means that we, Three Rivers District Council, are one year closer to our net-zero target. It is therefore timely to reassess what we are all doing to look after our local environment – reducing our carbon footprints, and giving nature a helping hand where we can.

This year, the council will be updating its own Environmental Strategy to ensure we are, as a local authority and as individuals, focusing on the things that matter and really can make a difference. And this year I am myself cutting meat out of my diet. What we eat matters – and evidence is out there which suggests reduced meat consumption can make a difference.

We are all busy, and the current cost of living crisis makes it difficult sometimes to keep environmental issues at the top of our personal agendas. I understand that – and I thank you all who do keep doing what you can to make a difference, whether that is thinking about your food waste, greening your home and garden or recycling regularly.

But if you would like to take on a new challenge this year, why not try one of the challenges below, or check out our Greener Living guide for more tips and support:

And here are some more ideas:

  • Buy only second-hand clothes this year.
  • Join a local environmental group, such as Sustainable Three Rivers or Watford and Three Rivers Friends of the Earth.
  • Reduce your shower times by three minutes.
  • Remember your reusables and don't buy any plastic water bottles this year.
  • Try out sustainable period products or reusable nappies with our advice pages and discount codes.
  • Turn your home thermostat down two degrees (it should be at 18 degrees minimum).
  • Swap one of your regular car journeys for walking, cycling or public transport.
  • Plant (and keep alive) plants for nature in your garden - or grow your own food.
  • Buy more local food.
  • Try Meat Free Mondays.