Bin men give Mill End boy, 3, toy lorry for his birthday

26th July 2018

A young boy received the perfect birthday present thanks to some kind-hearted bin men.

Three-year-old Roman Matthews waits every week without fail for the bin lorry to come down his road.

Roman, who lives in Penn Road in Mill End, waits patiently for the lorry to arrive and then watches as the workers tip the bins before chatting with them.

Last week, he celebrated his birthday and was telling the workers all about it.

After his chat, the lorry went a little further up the road before they unexpectedly returned. They brought him back a birthday gift; a bright orange toy bin lorry which Roman’s mother Bethany says hasn’t left his side since.

Posting on Facebook, Mrs Matthews wrote: “Every week my little boy waits outside and follows them down the road. They always say hello to him and chat to him which is the highlight of his week.

“They saw it was his birthday and they got him a toy bin lorry. He’s taken it to school with him, he’s even gone to sleep with it. He just loves lorries and diggers. He is the happiest little boy in the world and is carrying it everywhere with pride.”

She thanked the Three Rivers District Council workers for "making Roman’s day."