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Planning News:

Policy CP4 Evidence reviewed: February 2022

The Council has reviewed local evidence and is of the view that affordable housing need continues to deserve significant weight. It is considered that the National Planning Policy Framework does not outweigh the weight to be attached to local evidence of affordable housing need in Three Rivers. As such, proposals for residential development of sites of 10 dwellings or less will continue to contribute towards the provision of affordable housing.

Application of Policy CP4 (Affordable Housing) – Part (a) and (e)

Policy CP4 Evidence February 2022 (pdf)

For further details relating to Policy CP4 please click here.

First Homes – Policy Position Statement (October 2021)

On 24th May 2021, the Government published a Written Ministerial Statement (WMS) to set out the Government’s plans for the delivery of First Homes defining the product and changes to planning policy. Following publication of the WMS, Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) was updated to reflect the WMS and will now form a material consideration in decision making.

As a result of the introduction First Homes, the tenure mix for affordable housing under Policy CP4 of the Core Strategy (2011) will be:

  • 25% First Homes
  • 70% social rented, and
  • 5% intermediate.

The position statement below sets out the further key information relating to First Homes and how it will relate to the implementation of Policy CP4 Affordable Housing in the adopted Core Strategy (2011).

 First Homes Policy Position Statement (October 2021)

Planning Enforcement Plan revised (July 2021)

The Council's revised Planning Enforcement Plan was agreed by Members of Infrastructure, Housing & Economic Development Committee on 22 June 2021. The revised plan sets out how Officers must deal with alleged breaches of planning control and what the public can expect from the service. It is available to view below:

Planning Enforcement Plan 2021.pdf (pdf)

Written ministerial Statement: (April 2021)

The Government have published a written ministerial statement as part of their COVID-19 response roadmap out of lockdown. The statement includes further extensions to temporary construction hours and asks for Council's to take a positive and flexible approach to planning enforcement to support economic recovery. The department's FAQs have therefore been updated in light of the statement and can be accessed using the links below:

Written ministerial statement

FAQs (pdf)

For those wishing to extend their construction hours please see the guidance provided within the FAQs page.