Outdoor adverts and signs

Apply for advertisement consent to display an outdoor advert or sign

You need permission to display most types of outdoor advertisements and signs. This includes posters, placards and estate agents’ boards.

Some types of advertisements have ‘deemed consent’, meaning you do not need to submit a formal planning application. For example, many traditional, non-illuminated fascia signs and hanging signs are likely to have deemed consent subject to various conditions and limitations, such as size.

For detailed guidance on the planning rules for adverts and signs, see Outdoor advertisements and signs: a guide for advertisers.

Adverts without deemed consent require express advertisement consent. If the building is listed, you will also require Listed Building Consent.

It is an offence to display an advert illegally, with a penalty of up to £5,000.

Apply for express advertisement consent

You will need to pay the relevant fee with your application.

Temporary adverts

We understand that advertisements play an important role in promoting charitable and community-based events across the district. As such, we have created a temporary advert process that is free of charge.

Temporary adverts must meet certain criteria to be eligible for approval and can only be displayed in certain areas in the district. For more information, see the Temporary Advert Terms and Conditions (PDF).

To apply, complete a temporary advert application form (doc)and send it to planning.enforcement@threerivers.gov.uk.