Personal licence

Personal licences are granted to individuals to sell or to authorise the sale of alcohol. All sales of alcohol must be made by, or under the authority of, a personal licence holder. Not everyone who makes a sale has to hold a personal licence, so long as a personal licence holder has authorised the sale. This does not apply to sales that take place at premises which hold a club premises certificate, certain community premises or premises operating under a Temporary Event Notice.

A personal licence does not authorise its holder to sell alcohol anywhere, but only from establishments with a premises licence authorising the sale of alcohol in accordance with the premises licence. An individual may hold only one personal licence at any one time.

Applications for a personal licence must be made to the Council in whose district the applicant lives.

PLEASE NOTE: The Deregulation Act 2015 received Royal Assent on 26th March 2015 and as from 1st April 2015 the requirement to renew personal licences has now been abolished.

Personal Licences will carry on indefinitely until such times that they are either surrendered or revoked. The expiry date no longer applies and therefore now has no relevance.


Before you can apply for a personal licence, you will first need to complete a qualification known as the Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH).

The Government maintains a list of awarding bodies who issue this qualification.

Please contact the qualification providers directly for details of their course and local training centres.


By post or by hand:

The following must also be submitted to validate the application:

  • the fee of £37 (payable by card only)
  • two passport sized photos (please see the guidance for personal licence photos 
  • an original basic disclosure certificate dated within the last 30 days.
  • the original licensing qualification certificate
  • proof of your right to work in the United Kingdom (the original document must be brought in to be photocopied by a member of staff in reception)

Will tacit consent apply?

No tacit consent will not apply.

The Licensing Department will notify the police of the application, who may formerly object within 14 days. If an objection is received from the police, a hearing will be arranged to determine the application.

If there are no objections and the applicant fulfils the criteria, the licence will be granted.

Changes in name or address shown on personal licence

Under section 127 of the Licensing Act 2003, holders of Personal Licences are required to notify their relevant licensing authority if there are any changes in the name or address shown on the face of the licence (for example, if the holder moves to a different house, or if they change their name by deed poll). The below form may be used to fulfil this requirement. There is a fee of £10.50 payable, please call 01923 776611 to pay this. 

Personal licence - notice of change of name/address

When received, the licensing authority will reissue the Personal Licence to show the updated details.

Replacement personal licence and/or licence card

If your personal licence issued by Three Rivers District Council has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed then you'll need to apply for a replacement. Authorised officers can ask to see your personal licence and you are legally required to be able to produce it. 

There is a fee of £10.50 payable, please call 01923 776611 to pay this.

Personal licence - replacement request

When received, the licensing authority will reissue the certificate and/or card, depending on what is required.

More information

For further information about personal licences, or to discuss any particular issues, please email us at, or phone us on 01923 776611.