Changes to pavement licensing in Three Rivers

NewsUpdated: 30 May 2024Licensing

A new licensing regime will mean businesses such as cafes, restaurants and bars must be granted permission from Three Rivers District Council to place removable furniture on the public highway. The new regime also applies to all businesses which already place removable furniture on the highway.

Under the new Levelling Up and Regeneration Act 2024, which received Royal Assent and became law on 31 March 2024, local authorities across the country can grant pavement licences for a length of their choosing up to a maximum of two years.

The changes will give businesses within the district that want to place removable chairs and tables on public pavements greater flexibility and allow the council to ensure the public highway is not blocked without permission.

Three Rivers District Council, as well as other local authorities across the country, have been given new enforcement powers on businesses that have placed furniture on the public highway without permission, such as removing and storing unauthorised furniture – with the power to sell if the recovery fee is not paid after three months - as well as amend licences in certain circumstances.

Previously, temporary measures were brought in during the Covid-19 pandemic and only allowed pavement licences to be granted for up to a year.

Under the new act, the £100 cap for first-time pavement licence applications for two years will increase to £500 and £350 for renewals, again for two years. During the pandemic until the new legislation became law, the council waived the £100 fee.

There will also be a 14-day consultation period with residents and businesses on a pavement licence application and a 14-day determination period, totalling 28 days.

Those who wish to apply for a pavement licence can do by filling out a form via the link here.